Opportunity to reach over 5,000 oil and gas businesses

Over 3,000 retail locations in Texas and 6,000 nation wide


1. Public Relations - The 10 free prints can be given to your best customers - setting you apart from the competition. The print is always a reminder of your company to the customer.

2. Name Recognition- It is proven that a company name seen often comes to mind when the need arrises .

3. Numbers - Prints are seen and distributed in thousands of oil and gas company offices to reach potential customers. (How many offices have you been in and seen my prints)

4. Calendars or magazine ads are temporary. People never discard an art print relating to their industry.

5. Perpetual promotion for small amount of investment.

6. Deductible as advertising -even though its part of art.

7. You are helping to 'preserve history through art'.

"History Makers- Then and Now" Print Sign-up Information

Please note: The logos shown on this sample print are for mockup only and randomly selected and placed for this sample. Web addresses are not shown on the sample but will be on the final. Participant's logos will be placed at proofing phase.

"History Makers-Then and Now"

24" X 30"

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About the "History Makers-Then and Now" Print

Center art depicts Spindleltop in 1901. No one knows why the gusher was directed to the side. Perhaps to avoid soiling the investors or a mishap. The center art is surrounded by todays companies that are continuing the legacy of the industry. The outer border marks the early companies and developing equipment.


STEPS IN SECURING YOUR LOGO PLACEMENT ON "History Makers-Then and Now"  24" x 30"

1.  Call or email Chris at the contact info below to "count you in as one of the companies".

NOTE: All participants are based on "first-come-first-served" based on receipt of payment to secure your location placement. Location requests will be noted to be fair and equal but are only guaranteed with payment. $600. one-time fee (no tax on fee because it's part of a product to be wholesaled). Check or CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED You will receive 10 free prints ($450 value retail) at no cost to you immediately after publication.


2. You will be invoiced via email for the one-time placement fee for the logo location price noted above. If you choose to pay by credit card please let me know and you will be sent an invoice through PayPal. You do not have to be a member of PayPal to make the secure payment. (Deductible as advertising)

3. Forward a copy of good resolution of your logo (if not in our system) and the web site address OR phone number and your location you wish to be placed under your logo.

4. Upon receipt of payment you will receive a "confirmation of placement" and your spot will then be secured.
Once you are on the print you will stay on the print for all future reprints and distribution as long as your company is in business.

5. You will receive a PROOF prior to printing for your approval.

FOR QUESTIONS OR SIGN-UP CALL or EMAIL THE REP: Chris Crouch cell: 817-907-2097 or westernhistoryart@sbcglobal.net

If you choose to use a credit just send me an email or call and I'll send the invoice via PayPal.


Prints are distributed through customary distribution channels which include over 2,500 locations in Texas, 6,000 nation wide and UK, Canada, Neitherlands. The locations are served by a major distributor to sub-distributors to tertiary distributors.
These include the 10 World Trade Centers throughout the United States as well as distributors in Texas,Utah and Washington.
Additional locations include the over 10,000 oil and gas company offices currently displaying Gary Crouch history prints.
Other specific location types are museums, retail stores, gift shops, furniture stores, various web sites, and individual collectors.