Prints th

Canvas Giclees

at are sold out may be purchased as canvas giclees, signed and numbered. Most of the giclees are limited to 25 signed and numbered copies. These are NOT print transfers but are actually printed on the canvas. In the case of the oil and gas canvas prints, these may be customized for a specific company. This simply means that a company may have their logo and name placed into the art so it becomes a part of the finished art. The canvas prints have subtle differences and additions that the paper prints do not have.

Giclees are available of most of Gary Crouch's artwork. The prices are the same as given here for the oil and gas prints.

Sizes available for all prints:
24" x 30".........$495.00
30" x 40".........$750.00
generic 30" x 40" customized ...$975.00
36" x 45" available on request



"Partners in Pursuit"


Canvas Giclee



30" x 40" Canvas giclee $750./signed. List counties in play and shows a 1900 cable tool rig in action. The 24" x 30" giclee has several companies of today involved in the oil and gas business.


"Legacy and Legends"



"History Makers of Texas"

Limited Edition of 75 with certificate.

30" x 40" $750 without customization. $950 with customization..


"Texas Rails of 1900"

Shows every railroad line in the state of Texas in the year 1900. Nomenclature for identity.


"Deep in the Heart of Texas"

30" x 40" Canvas giclee with historical text on side panels in lieu of oil and gas company logos. $750./signed and limited edition.

24" x 30" print $45./signed Giclee is $495.00 signed and numbered to 25


"Now and Then"

22" x 28" print $45./signed Giclee is $495.00 signed and numbered to 25.

30" x 40" Canvas giclee with additional antique gas pump globes in lieu of oil and gas company logos $750. /signed and numbered to 25 limited edition.



"Triple Play"

Canvas giclee $750./signed. The state of Texas at the top shows the primary oil and gas fields in Texas, and other minor differences.

24" x 30" print $45./signed Giclee is $495.00 signed and numbered to 25.